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Preparing young men for an important milestone: graduation

All Westview residents attend Hollis Public Schools. The Westview staff finds that participation in a public school helps develop the necessary social skills for a young man to be successful in his world. Youth who experience difficulties in school are provided tutoring both at school and by Westview staff. Additional assistance is provided to young men with unique needs or IEP’s. High school students who are eligible are encouraged to participate in Upward Bound, a college preparatory program. Upon graduation, graduates are encouraged and assisted to continue their education in the military, trade school, or college.

One of our primary goals for each youth is to see him graduate. Some do not think they will ever make it through high school when they come to Westview. Yet through the guidance, support, and encouragement they receive from Westview’s staff and from the faculty at Hollis’ schools, they are able to accomplish things that they once thought to be impossible. We want the high school experience of our residents to be a fulfilling one that will lay a foundation for their future.

When their senior year comes around, our young men are very busy. Class rings, senior pictures, and graduation announcements are all part of a normal senior year. Above this, most young people start looking to their future with a more closely defined vision of what they want.

When one of our young men graduates from high school, our dreams for him have just begun. We work to help each one establish a firm footing for their future. For some, college is the answer, and we help them get the financial support they need to be able to attend college. For others, college is not an option at this time, so if they choose to go to a trade school, Job Corps, or join the military, we seek to help them in these endeavors.


Coming to the lineThe Hollis school system has an outstanding history of athletic success. There are both Junior High and High School team sports opportunities in football, track, basketball, baseball, and weightlifting. We encourage eligible youth who are interested or gifted to participate in these programs. In recent years, our residents have had opportunities to participate in competitions at the local, district and state level. Some have played on state championship teams.

Since Oklahoma is a “No Pass – No Play” state, teens must maintain passing grades to take part in these activities. This can serve as a powerful motivator for some. Through their involvement in school athletics, young men learn tremendous lessons in teamwork, self-discipline, commitment, and the importance of maintaining good grades in school.

Other extracurricular activities

Athletics is just one of many extracurricular activities available through the schools. Many are involved in Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America, and 4-H. A good number of young men proudly participate in band or chorus. Others participate in speech, drama, and debate teams. These activities allow the exploration of individual interests and giftedness, develop useful life skills, teach self-discipline, and build self-confidence through competence and success. Through their participation in these activities, they receive awards of medals, ribbons, and trophies.

Westview is very proud of our young men and their accomplishments in these areas. We are glad to partner with the Hollis Public School system in order to make such opportunities available.