Preparing young men for lives as productive citizens

Summer Work

Every summer, as a part of Westview’s summer work and fun program, our young men get to experience what it is like to look for work in the real world. We have paying jobs for them on campus, yet to fill them we take them through a complete real-life learning experience.

They have to fill out applications. Young men who ask for assistance in filling out the application get one-on-one attention. The crew foreman schedules interviews only with those who get their application in on time. Then they go through an interview where they have to convince their potential boss that they can do the job.

The lasting learning starts when the work begins. These young men have to get up for work, fix their breakfast, and show up on time. Feeling a little tired? You can sleep in on Saturday. Wake up with an attitude? You can fix it on the job or fix it at the house on a day without pay. In this work world, actions have real and immediate consequences.

In Westview’s safe environment, young men are allowed to learn from their mistakes without messing up their permanent work record. They learn the realities; work is work, but work can be fun, too. Our boys experience the sweet part of labor as well. Half of their money is tucked away into their saving account, but half is theirs to spend on fun: doing things that they like, listening to music that they like, and buying clothes that they like.