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At the dentist

Teaching young men how to responsibly care for their bodies

Through the kind generosity shown by many individuals and congregations throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas, our young men are provided with the groceries to produce well balanced, nutritious meals and snacks every day. If a young man wants second helpings, all he has to do is ask. While some of our young men have faced hunger in the past, when they come to Westview, they always find plenty of food to satisfy their tremendous appetites. The menus are carefully planned a week at a time to provide a well-balanced diet and to take advantage of the high-quality beef and pork raised by our young men in their livestock projects.

Playing football, basketball, baseball, or soccer provide our young men with tremendous opportunities for exercise. Young men are also able to participate in biking, skateboarding, and kayaking. However, because of the unique environment that surrounds us, we are able to participate in many other activities that help build strong bodies as well.

The young men at Westview have a broad range of health services available. Upon entry into the Home, all young men receive a physical evaluation. As soon as is possible, they also receive a dental and optometric checkup. Regular exams and treatment for special needs are provided as well. Frequently life at Westview empowers access to health care at a level and quality not previously accessible to some of our residents.