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Playing hacky-sack

Tailored to suit the unique strengths and needs of each young man.

Since 1956, Westview Boys’ Home has cared for boys who need the love, security, and guidance our Home offers. The purpose of Westview is to help boys deprived due to sickness or death in their family, boys experiencing significant problems in living with their family, boys needing supervision (runaways or truants), delinquent boys (those who have violated the law, but who are not in need of treatment or detention), and abandoned, abused, or neglected boys.

The programs at Westview are assertive interventions. That means that we step into the lives of young men at a critical point in their history, offering them space and time to choose a positive and productive course for their futures. Over a lifetime, these interventions prevent untold pain for young men and their families; our intensive work also often keeps state and federal governments from spending a fortune to clean up messes that could have been prevented.

Westview is located in a rural setting near Hollis in southwestern Oklahoma. With the administrative offices located in town, our six homes are situated far enough apart from each other so that each can act as independent families.   Caregivers direct the affairs of “their family.” The country atmosphere provides boys a place to live, work, play and receive an education, as well as moral and spiritual training. Our goal is to help boys grow into their unique capabilities and find sustainable success in their lives. At Westview, they are given an opportunity to become useful citizens, as well as Christian young men.

Westview Boys’ Home is a non-profit residential child care agency, supported by Churches of Christ and interested friends. No child is denied care because of race, religion, national origin, economic status, or handicapping disability, otherwise qualified for residency.

To find out more about the things that make Westview distinctive, please read “What Makes Westview Unique.”