Josh Birney


Manager of Social Services

Josh Birney

Josh Birney is a CCW – Certified Childcare Worker, and CCT – Certified Childcare Trainer, State of Oklahoma. The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University has certified Josh as a TBRI® practitioner. He has also been trained by the National Resource Center for Youth Services as a trainer of the Residential Child and Youth Care Professional (RCYCP) curriculum. Josh also works to train caregivers in managing digital and social media.

While daily working alongside the caregivers at Westview, Josh helps families, social workers, educators, and church leaders find help for young men at Westview Boys’ Home. He handles applications, interviews, assessments, and plans of care for all young men who come to Westview.

After a successful business career, Josh joined Westview Boys’ Home first as a caregiver. After over seven years of effective care for young men in his care, Josh joined the administrative team.

In the community, Josh serves as a deacon at the Childress Church of Christ. He also coaches youth league basketball.

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